Гостиница, Конференц зал и Ресторан Верховина, Киев
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    Beauty salon

    The separate complex Verhovina in Okruzhnaya street is the ideal and comfortable place for part-time residence. It offers high-quality service which is comparable to European and special services.

    In spite of circumstances a person wants to be well-looking. Welcome to the beauty salon located in one of the buildings of the separate complex Verhovina in Okruzhnaya street. There’re competent personnel, modern and new equipment. Hairdressers or hair stylists for man and women are glad to serve you. Different kinds of hair waves, hair coloring, hair highlighting, hair extension, comb-out, wedding and evening headdresses. There’re salon manicure, nail extension and correction, pedicure, spa procedures, solarium, massage and so on.

    Professionals of the beauty salon are pleased to serve you. They’re glad to help you to be beauty and attractive.