Гостиница, Конференц зал и Ресторан Верховина, Киев
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    Accommodation rules

    Dear guests! We are pleased to welcome you in our hotel.

    Please keep the following accommodation rules in the hotel «Verhovina»

    I General requirements.

    1. These Rules were compiled on the base of the Ukraine existing laws, the Ukraine State Housing and utilities committee, The State Tourism Committee, Council of Ministers of Ukraine including the Rules of the Council of the International tourism association.
    2. The hotel Verhovina was registered in Unified State Register of Legal Entities of Ukraine №19482310 ООО «ILLIS»..
    3. Privacy Policy is guarantied for the guests of the hotel Verhovina.
    4. It is forbidden to smoke in the hotel, there’re special places for it.
    5. In case of infringement of rules the fire safety, smoking illegally in the hotel or in case of breach of rules, the Hotel management has the right to impose a fine.
    6. The complaints and proposals related to the hotel working can be left for our manager or you can use the hotel’s website.

    II Accommodation rules.

    1. The hotel works during 24 hours without off days. Check-out time – 12:00, the time of taking up residence – 14:00.
    2. You can have breakfast from 8:00 till 11:00 a.m. If you want to have breakfast earlier, say to the hotel manager the day before. You can get packed lunch.
    3. There’s the luggage room for the luggage saving in the central hall. Valuable things and documents can be stored in the save deposit boxes. The guest is responsible for the valuable things leaving in the room.
    4. Additional free charge services: ambulance call- out, taxi call, faxes and fresh press delivery, dress-making set.
    5. Don’t damage the hotel’s equipment; keep the rules of fire safety. In case of leaving the room, close the windows turn off the water, switch off the light and electrical equipment. In case of damage the Guest should compensate the cost of the things according to the hotel rules.
    6. The client takes into consideration and does not object to using the systems of video monitoring in the hotel (exception for the toilet rooms and privacy room of the guest).

    To save order and safety in the hotel it is forbidden:

    1. to smoke in the halls and corridors of the hotel (exception for the special places).
    2. to use electrical devices exception for the permitted electrical equipment.
    3. to give room keys to strangers.
    4. to keep in the room flammable things.
    5. to displace and take the furniture out.
    6. to take and to bring to the hotel things being dangerous for healthy.
    7. to break the rules of behavior and to be in a drug intoxication.
    8. to be aggressive with other people and damage people’s things.
    9. to damage hotel things.
    10. to leave guests in a room after 23:00 without their payment and registration in the hotel.
    11. to take pets without administration permitting.

    III The hotel’s reservation, accommodation order and payment for the hotel service:

    1 Payment for accommodation and hotel’s services can be carried out in cash, credit cards,

    cashless transfers according to the hotel’s prices. Children under the 6 years old are free of charge.

    2 If you want to make a reservation in the hotel, you have to give prepayment (equal to the 24 hours accommodation in the hotel). The rest payment should be paid in arrival day. If the person didn’t give the prepayment before the arrival day, the hotel’s administration has the right to refuse this person. In case of unwarranted reservation the hotel’s administration has the right to give the room to other person.

    3 In the case of late arrival more then 24 hour the hotel’s reservation is canceled. Prepayment will not be returned.

    4 Cases of annulment of the demand for booking

    - In a case of annulment of the demand for booking only 24 hours before the date of arrival the guest pays daily cost of each reserved rooms.

    5 The Guests are only allowed to stay after showing a substitute document (passport, driving license, international passport) and after filling the Registration Form and paying for staying in the hotel. The hotel’s administration has the right to refuse the guests without substitute document.

    6 If the guest arrives or departures after the agreed time, the room accommodation is possible if the hotel has vacant rooms.

    7 In case of extra staying, the payment depends on the days’ number of the accommodation. The minimal period of extra staying is half a day (payment according to the hotel’s price list).

    8 In case of staying of the visitors after 23:00, they should be registered in front office. Payment for accommodation is given according to the hotel’s price list.

    9 In case of additional services the guest should give the prepayment for all additional services.

    10 If you leave the room, give the key to the manager. If the key is lost, the manager’ll give the new one (the price is according to the price list).

    11 Upon leaving the hotel, the key should be given to the manager. You should make full payment for all services.

    12 If you have questions and want to receive additional information, call to the hotel’s manager: + 38 (044) 407 95 30, + 38 (044) 407 95 40.

    In case of a breach of rules, established by the hotel, the management is liable to discontinue its service to the guest

    Have a good rest.

    The hotel administration.