Гостиница, Конференц зал и Ресторан Верховина, Киев
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    Speaking old Kiev’s hotels, Verhovina’s hotel is remembered the first. This restaurant was known everywhere; a lot of famous people had the rest there. Now restaurant is known its cuisine, beautiful hotel, excellent service.

    Verhovina is the hotel with an open terrace and outdoor performance stage with lake view. It’s convenient to spend weddings, special family events, and corporative parties in the halls of our restaurant. The restaurant’s menu was made special for out guests. Menu has delicious selection of Ukrainian and European dishes, we offer grill menu.

    We offer 4 halls and outdoor performance stage.

    Restaurant (Large hall) is made in the «guculskiy» style. There’s an exit from the restaurant hall into outdoor performance stage with lake view. The hall with 120 seats (banquet) and 160 (reception standing).

    Bar is made in hunter style. The hall includes 35 seats (banquet) and 50 (reception standing).

    Junior ballroom is made in classical European style. The hall is for 15-25 persons.

    The hall»Berloga» has unusual interior. The hall is for 70 persons.

    Outdoor performance stage is comfortable and modern. It’s for 150 persons.

    Special note for weddings: young wedded couple is able to choose banquet or reception standing. It’s possible to organize extra mural ceremony and to accommodate the guests in the rooms (breakfast is included).

    Our professionals help to organize different banquets including small family holidays for 10-15 persons and great holidays for 150 persons.

    Our expert helps to prepare and choose

    • Master of ceremonies
    • Professional background
    • Show program
    • Photo and aero design
    • Wedding ceremony
    We work daily from 11 a.m. till 23 p.m.