Гостиница, Конференц зал и Ресторан Верховина, Киев
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    Beautiful restaurant of the hotel complex Verhovina is situated in the suburb. Every visitor’ll be surprised at fair prices. Wonderful rooms (for 100-200 guests) help to make your holiday unforgettable. It’s the best place for corporate parties, jubilees or weddings. Menu has delicious selection of Ukrainian and European dishes. You could make the special order for exclusive dishes.

    European service and Ukraine hospitality are the main features of our restaurant. In our restaurant you could order dinner, supper, make family event, organize holiday for 10-15 guests or banquet for 100 guests.

    Our masters of ceremonies are glad to serve you, they have a lot of ideas for holidays’ organization and they are ready to realize your ideas. We know how to organize weddings and holidays for children. We could organize reception standing, presentations and other events. After the holiday event you could stay in our hotel.